Welcome to Lucky Breaks!


Lucky Breaks was born of a hard fall.

Brand-builder Wendy Dubit and her agent, UnderWoman, were not quite looking where they were going on that particular “dog day” of Summer.

Instead they were LOOKING FORWARD — scanning the woods behind the creek for the carcass of a deer who’d died there the night before.

It’s what they didn’t see that would trip them up:  A deep hole leading to a tilted tunnel no doubt dug by just the sort of GroundHog that Wendy had been impersonating for years.

When they fell, the right foot twisted beneath their combined weight.  And since there were no “jaws of life” on hand with which to extricate the excruciating foot, they patiently took inventory of their injuries before painstakingly crawling home and hoisting themselves into bedResting there, applying Ice, wearing a Compression sock two sizes too small, and Elevating the foot surprisingly high above their drowsy heads (they’d popped a prescription pain pill which would grant them six hours’ serenity), they fell asleep.

Upon waking, they took stock — inspecting the increased swelling and emergent bruising, realizing that the resurgent pain became unbearable with even the merest attempt at weight bearing, Googling “mid-foot traumas” and wondering whether to RICE for a full 24 hours or to risk a weekend trip to the ER, which in this instance refused to accept reservations and admitted to having neither an orthopedic surgeon nor a neuro-muscular fellow on call.  Sheesh.  They were no longer in NYC — with their beloved TNYECONS: The New York EpiCenter of NeuroScience always nearby.

To put their plight in perspective…and because laughter is their best medicine (especially when Oxycodone and its ilk are unavailable)…Wendy and UnderWoman watched and re~watched Monty Python’s “Always Look On the Bright Side” and “Not Dead Yet” clips, savored scenes from Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall,” and got a continuous kick out of Ricky Bobby’s “Prayer to Baby Jesus” from “Talladega Nights.”

And so they passed the scary / silly hours ’til sunrise, when the local hospital still refused to take reservations but did promise to have a wheelchair ready.

Oh yes!  We almost forgot:  In the off chance that our hero and her UnderCovers agent would be whisked away to emergency surgery and face an overnight hospital stay, it was important that their personal devices be backed up and packed up, and that all possible Intellectual Property be secured and / or procured.

What to take with them on this latest medical adventure?  What to leave behind?  What to build?  What to buy?


UnderWoman (UW) had been born on the day Wendy Dubit was definitively diagnosed with myasthenia gravis more than ten years ago.  Later, after a brief medical death and a prolonged ICU stay precipitated moving from their soul city of New York to their home state of Maryland,  Wendy and UnderWoman conceived and co-produced Misery Loves Company (MLC)…much to the delight of themselves and the world.  But just when they were getting MLC on its feet, a myasthenic crisis reared its head and made it hard to stand, see, speak.

Last year, during a short-lived return to their full health and former productivity, Wendy and UnderWoman founded ICEinfo.org — intended to be the creator, aggregator and educator of all things In Case of Emergency.  But that had proved too big an effort to sustain singlehandedly when the next round of myasthenia and its affiliates — immunosupression, frequent infections, iatrogenic poverty and so on — knocked the wind out of their sails.

Only last month — feeling a bit better and determined to steer their media-making, brand-building and business development skills in the direction of narrative medicine via the multi-platform sharing of medical stories, solutions and resources — had Wendy and UnderWoman begun to write a book and produce a podcast under the WonderWorks Productions (WWP) banner and with the working title “On the Bright Side.”

Yet this morning — a morning growing brighter and later by the minute; with the pierce and pulse of pain and hope weaving layers of calm, clarity, alacrity and urgency around them — Wendy and UnderWoman wanted something fresher and more fitting.  But what?  “It Could Be Worse” was already the title of a webcast and was available only in the .club denomination of domain names.

And then it hit them…in a good way.

There was Lucky Breaks (LB) in all its glory — in .net, .org, .us, and .co; with only the .com waiting to land in its wings*; and with almost all trademark categories cleared for takeoff.  YES!  THIS would be something wonderful to keep in mind and bring to the hospital.  THIS was something they’d believed in always and could build on forever!

Mind  you, all of this took time…with Wendy on the phone with GoDaddy and agents of all kinds while UnderWoman fastidiously brushed her hair and teeth, ironed her cape, polished her left boot and packed extra copies of their advanced directives and ! MEDICAL ALERT CARD ! into their ICEpack.

By 11 a.m., there was still no book deal on offer. The pain was becoming unbearable again. And Chief Operating Officer Rancy Tomasson was on her way.

It was time to go…. Time to GO with every tool in their arsenals honed, with endorphins aplenty and adrenaline on overdrive; time to GO with more excitement about a project’s promise than they could  remember feeling.

It was time to find out what was wrong and to set it right.

And that’s what we of Lucky Breaks have been doing ever since…with Wendy and UnderWoman‘s thrice broken foot necessitating their staying put…put in a place we’ve come to love, writing our hearts out, building the brand of a lifetime, thanking goodness, and inviting you to join us.

Warmly and looking forward,

Wendy Dubit and UnderWoman

* Note:  As of August 26, 2015, LuckyBreaks.com has been welcomed into the WonderWorks Productions portfolio, with HUGE THANKS to Ian Clayton and the awesome team of AXSES Inc. — a company we’ll do good works with going forward.